Twi’lek Explorer, by Tony Foti

twilekTwi’lek Explorer, by Tony Foti

“We prefer intellect and cleverness to outright brutality.
Tott Doneeta, Twi’lek Jedi Knight

With all of the focus on civil wars, epic battles, and galactic politics, it’s easy to forget that there is also exploration and adventure to be found throughout the Star Wars Universe. I was immediately reminded of this fact when I first ran across this thrill-seeking Twi’lek lass on Tony’s Facebook page. While I haven’t gotten her name or phone number (yet), I do know that she’s from Enter the Unknown, an expansion book from Edge of the Empire, by Fantasy Flight Games.

I find it kind of unfortunate that female Twi’lek characters are likely the most over-sexualized race in the Star Wars Universe and in fandom art. That the first Twi’lek female who fans were introduced to was Oola, the dancer from Jabba the Hutt’s palace, doesn’t help this. (A really kind of disturbing sexualization, considering that Oola was an abused slave who died tragically for her master’s entertainment. Star Wars parody Blue Milk Special has probably the best alternate ending to her story.) Sadly, we see this trend through not just art and movies, but in the games as well. Of the companion characters from The Old Republic, the Twi’lek treasure hunter Vette is easily the one players most commonly make wear the slave-girl costumes available in the game. And notice that even in the prequel trilogy, Twi’lek Jedi Aayla Secura is the only Jedi who doesn’t wear long robes over a conservative tunic. (Jeeze, George, fan-service much?)

Anyway, moving on…

twilekIt was with a certain amount of relief that I found this smartly outfitted Twi’lek adventuress. As well as being non-sexualized, her gear doesn’t appear to be military-issue. To me it looks like clothing and equipment she picked up at the Star Wars equivalent to Cabelas or Sportsman’s Warehouse.

I like that her outfit incorporates a desert or rock color scheme, helping her blend with such environments, but not rendering it inappropriate for an arboreal or urban environment. Our heroine’s leather coat looks to be appropriately rugged and sturdy for exploring deep forests or desert caves on frontier planets. I like the khaki t-shirt far better than the tube-tops and tied shirts popularly worn under adventuresses’ unzipped jackets. It offers basic protection when climbing, exploring, or spelunking, and I appreciate that she makes sure to tuck it in, preventing snags and plumber’s crack. Her cargo pants look durable for exploring or rock climbing and should offer appropriate protection over rugged terrain. If there’s anything missing from her ensemble, I’d suggest a hat or hood of some kind for traveling under a hot sun or in inclement weather.

Her accessories look good as well. Goggles and bandana keep dust and dirt out of her eyes, nose, and mouth, whether she’s excavating a forgotten ruin or traveling on her swoop bike. Gloves are fingerless leathers, great for climbing, flying, excavating, or blaster handling. Her backpack is small and compact for carrying foodstuffs, medpacks, tools, and other necessary supplies. Her belt, jacket, and cargo pants have numerous pockets and pouches for storing additional supplies or for stashing interesting acquisitions. Knee pads protect her joints when crawling through narrow tunnels or digging for alien artifacts. And her boots look heavy duty for hiking, climbing, or running.

twilek2As far as tools and gear, our Twi’lek carries at least two ropes for climbing, swinging, securing loose gear, or hogtying tomb robbers. For light in dark places she packs a glowlamp that fits in her hand or attaches to her belt. Her dagger is likely a vibroblade of some sort. And I find it unlikely that she doesn’t pack a blaster pistol of some kind. All in all, a smart and well-prepared adventuress.

Many thanks to Tony for being cool with me borrowing his heroines, and as always thanks for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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One Response to Twi’lek Explorer, by Tony Foti

  1. herdthinner says:

    Good post and analysis!
    Long ago I started a Star Wars fanfic that took place ~1000 years before A New Hope, and decided that the then-head of the Jedi Order was a female Twi’lek. I pictured her as dressing like any other Jedi – fully robed, etc. I’ve never read any of the EU books, so I have no idea what was supposed to be “canon” for that time period. It was just fun for me to have a counterpoint to the slave girl.
    I never finished writing the story, and she wasn’t the main character, but she was featured quite prominently as one of the main character’s mentors.

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