New First Empress Commission!

Viarra and Zahnia, by 

Hi folks! Hey, painfully sorry for the unannounced hiatus, everyone. I’ve had a lot more to deal with at work these past months that generally left me too tired and unambitious to get any posts written, despite my strong desire to do so. For which I deeply apologize.

While I can’t promise that I’ll be in a position to get back at it, I thought I could at least share a gorgeous Zahnia/Viarra commission from the lovely Telênia Albuquerque. Telênia writes and draws a wonderful Amazons comic on Taptastic called Amazonomachy. I loved her ancient-world aesthetics so much that I couldn’t resist when I saw that she was offering commissions. I’m super pleased with the detailing in Viarra’s armor and the pattern of Zahnia’s dress, but my favorite part is how cool that siren on Viarra’s shield turned out. Bloody gorgeous! Huge thanks to Telênia for the wonderful commission. Thanks so much for reading and sticking around, folks, despite my extended leave of absence. Take care and stay awesome!

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