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Redhead, by Fabiano Neves

Concept Redhead, by Fabiano Neves Bonus Update! So Sunday the 12th marks the second anniversary of Sartorially Smart Heroines. In response I’ve decided to try to do a pair of updates this weekend, the first is the charming Redhead, heroine … Continue reading

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Mama Gkika of Girl Genius

Mama Gkika from Girl Genius, by Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio “But ve gots no time for de talking. My boyz tell me dere’s more trouble on de vay. Und Hy haven’t seen any decent trouble in ages. Dis is … Continue reading

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Otto and Victoria, by Brian Kesinger

Otto and Victoria, characters by Brian Kesinger “An octopus’ muscular hydrostats allow for a level of graceful mobility unmatched by any other creature in the animal kingdom. They are proud to take any opportunity to show off this skill.” —Brian … Continue reading

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Sartorially Smart Villainess: Captain Bangladesh Dupree

Captain Bangladesh Dupree of Girl Genius “Dupree. When I say the words ‘alive and unharmed,’ do any neurons actually fire in that brain of yours?” —Baron Klaus Wulfenbach Wow, it’s been a while since I last showcased a villainess, and … Continue reading

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Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls

Tea Girls, by Brian Kesinger (images used with permission) “Steampunk is…a joyous fantasy of the past, allowing us to revel in a nostalgia for what never was. It is a literary playground for adventure, spectacle, drama, escapism and exploration. But … Continue reading

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The Highwaywoman, by Conlaodh

The Highwaywoman, by Conlaodh. I was a Highwayman. Along the coach roads I did ride, with sword and pistol by my side. Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade; Many a soldier shed his life’s blood on … Continue reading

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Alchemist, by Florian Stitz

Alchemist, by Florian Stitz “Things are rarely ‘just crazy enough to work,’ but they’re frequently just crazy enough to fail hilariously.” —Rand Munroe, XKCD One of my favorite aspects of certain types of fantasy is that they’re willing to take … Continue reading

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