More Korra Hoplite Art!

hoplite_korra2Hi again, folks! So, since I honestly have no idea if I’ll have time to finish the writeup I’m working on today, I decided to post another Hoplite Korra sketch that I drew earlier this week, just in case. Previous sketch

I went with an action pose this time, and I don’t really have much experience with action poses, so I hope it came across okay. I tend to imagine here that she’s just felled one foe and is turning to face another in the midst of battle. My scanner unfortunately doesn’t handle graphite very well, so the smoky/dusty atmospheric effect I tried to create with a piece of charcoal didn’t come across well at all.

I also kept the original outlines for this sketch, in case I want to draw a full-color version or a battle-damaged version. I’m open to any feedback on the design. Take care and thanks for reading, folks!

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