Avatar Korra sketch

hoplite_korraSo… um… no writeup again this weekend, I’m afraid. Though on Friday I did draw a sketch of Korra as a Greek hoplite. I hope that’s an okay substitute.

I apologize for the image quality; my scanner doesn’t handle graphite very well. I used the pose from the cover of the Book 3 DVD for the inspiration, then added the weapons, armor, and other details. Yeah, I know Korra isn’t left-handed, but this particular pose worked better with the shield on her right arm. That’s not a spearhead we’re seeing there, but a bronze spike that the Greek hoplites attached to the butt end of their spears for (a) using as a backup weapon if their spear breaks and (b) dispatching wounded enemies at their feet as the phalanx advances.

I had an idea once upon a time for a Legend of Korra Hoplite AU, where there’s no bending and the Avatar is more of a Homeric super-warrior, rather than the world’s most powerful bender. I was still figuring out the Air Nation’s aesthetics, but the Fire Nation had sort of a Greco/Roman flavoring, while the Water Tribes were more Greco/Celtic, and the Earth Kingdom had more of a Macedonian feel. Republic City was supposed to be kind of an idealized Athens. And Kuvira’s armies fought using Alexandrian phalanx tactics and sinew-powered artillery designed by Varrick. And, ultimately, I liked the idea of Kuvira sacking Republic City and putting Raiko’s head on a stake.

I’m open to any thoughts and feedback on the AU or outfit design. Thanks for reading and take care, folks.

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