Sartorially Smart Villainess: Widowmaker, by Ylva Ljungqvist

widowmaker1Widowmaker Redesign, by Ylva Ljungqvist

“‘Step into my parlor,’ said the spider to the fly.” —Widowmaker

Hey, hi, folks! So I apologize for the lack of activity these past couple weeks. I’ve been in kind of a funk in regards to my writing, I’m afraid. I’ve missed two weekends worth of blog updates, and I’ve made only minor progress on my novel for months now. I mean, I’ve always had that problem where when I try to work on things I ought to be working on, I can only think about the things I want be working on. And then when I say ‘screw it’ and work on the things I want be working on, I can only sit and worry about the things I ought to be working on. But how fair is it that when I have things like my blog and novel—where I want and ought to work on them—I can’t focus at all? What gives, brain?!

Anyway, moving on. So I’ve received multiple requests from readers to offer a writeup for characters from Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch. I’ll admit from the get-go that I’ve never played Overwatch. It looks like the kind of game I’m typically bad at and would only consider playing if there was a single-player mode where I don’t end up showing a bunch of other people how bad I am.

Widowmaker is basically the key villainess in the game. She’s a ruthless, biologically enhanced sniper/assassin for the anarchist(?) organization Talon, who (as best I can tell) exist solely to thwart and sabotage the Overwatch Initiative’s efforts to protect humanity and bring balance to the world. While Widow’s bare cleavage and high heels in the original design would disqualify her outfit for Sartorially Smart Heroines’ lineup, I immediately fell in love with Ylva’s awesome redesign and wanted to show it proper love on the blog.

widowmaker1Widow’s spider-like helm features infra-red sight to track her enemies anywhere on the battlefield, and apparently gives her teammates access to her tracking/targeting  data. In Ylva’s design, a light Kevlar or similar body armor offers basic protection for our villainess’s torso against enemy bullets, shrapnel, acid, and other battlefield hazards. Her arms are further protected by plated spaulders and a left-arm vambrace. Ylva also gave her additional padding to her waist and hips, as well as pouches and holsters for her weapons and equipment. Her upper legs have flexible padding while her lower legs are protected by armored boots (that aren’t high-heels!). All in all, it’s an effective ensemble for an acrobatic, highly mobile sniper-support character class.

Widow’s primary weapon is her heavy sniper rifle that can be switched over to a fully-automatic mode in more close-quarters situations. Her backup weapons are proximity mines that release poison gas when activated—perfect for guarding her back or deterring pursuers. Lastly, she carries a grappling hook for reaching high vantage points or quickly traversing cityscapes. An all-around wicked, resourceful, and intimidating villainess.

Huge thanks to the lovely Ylva for letting me borrow Widowmaker for the blog. Please take time to check out her galleries on Tumblr as well. Thanks so much for reading, folks, and for being patient with me on these delayed updates. Take care and stay awesome!

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