Elina Svendotir, by Mates Laurentiu

bard1Elina Svendotir, by Mates Laurentiu

“Sometimes I feel like Jesse James
Still tryin’ to make a name.
Knowing nothing’s gonna change what I am.
I was a young troubadour
When I wrote in on a song.
I’ll be an old troubadour when I’m gone…”
George Strait, “Troubadour”

Yikes! Sorry about the late update, folks! I didn’t have as much time as I thought this weekend, and I honestly wasn’t sure I’d have time today. When deciding on a writeup for this weekend, I was surprised to discover that I don’t have any bards in my lineup! Not one! And it’s not as if I have any particular objection to bards—they’re one of the most useful support classes, and can make for fairly competent rogues, swashbucklers, or archers depending on character design and game world.

I’ve admitted before that I like the trope of adventuress-turned-tavernkeeper in storytelling, and I find it fitting for a character like Elina. I mean, on top of patrons’ coins for beer and pretzels, she can collect tips for singing and performing. Win/win situation, really. And as an adventuress, no doubt she has stories to tell and ballads to sing, whether from personal experience or from stories told by her friends and patrons.

bard2Elina’s primary protection in combat is a quilted gambeson that may or may not have leather padding stitched into the quilting. This should provide fair deflection and absorption in combat and would fit excellently beneath a chainmail shirt for heavier melee combat. Underneath our heroine wears a bright-green traveling shirt for warmth and to protect against chafing from the quilted gambeson. Leather bracers further protect her arms from severing or disabling blows during a duel or dungeon crawl. Her pants are light, durable, and flexible wool or linen for traveling, adventuring, or combat. Lastly, her boots are durable leather, effective for riding, hiking, or combat footing.

Lovely Elina’s bardic instrument of choice is a kemence, a Turkish stringed instrument for entertaining her patrons, singing support to her allies, or distracting her enemies. Her weapon appears to be a hangar, or similar small, fencing/street-fighting sword. Though sometimes called the ‘poor-man’s rapier,’ I actually really like the hangar design, combining the stabbing and finesse of a rapier with the slashing power of a saber and close-quarters handling of a short sword. The rune on her necklace may be a mere keepsake, or it may be a focus for her bardic skills. Anything goes, really, in questing and adventuring.

Huge thanks to Mates for the use of his charming bard. If you’re interested, feel free to look into his custom commissions at Avatar Art. Thanks as always for reading folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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