Sartorially Smart Heroines Third Anniversary!

Eowyn1Holy Cats, folks! I almost forgot that today, July 12, is the third anniversary of Sartorially Smart Heroines. I started the blog in 2013, with this writeup of Miranda Otto as the Lady Eowyn. I’ve since added nearly 150 posts about smartly attired heroines in history, assorted fantasy, science fiction, movies, comics, video games and more, as well as assorted excerpts and discussion about my novel-in-progressFirst Empress. Huge thanks to all my readers, the artist and writer friends I’ve made, and everyone who’s given me support, feedback and encouragement on the blog. You guys are awesome—let no one tell you different!

While I’ve been on hiatus the past three months for this !@#$ing move (my former landlord and the mortgage company can die in lava), I’m finally in the last stages of moving. With the move settled, I’m hoping to start updating regularly in the near future, starting with a writeup for MJ Barros and Barbara Perez’s stellar comic The Order of Belfry. (Of course, if I’d been on top of things, I’d have had that ready today as an anniversary writeup. Figures, really.)

Thanks once again for reading and sticking around folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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