Third MJ Commission


“As much as it strains credibility, General Derron and Captain Vola have one of the strongest marriages I’ve ever seen. Derron lost his first wife around eight years before I was born. At the time Vola was a freewoman cavalry officer, given her freedom by Derron in exchange for training and organizing our mounted soldiery. Derron fell into a deep melancholy after his wife died; Vola took it upon herself to revive him from it. Her smirking, roughshod sexual antics gradually won him over, and within a year she was essentially his concubine. Around a year and a half after that, my grandfather granted Vola land and titles following her heroics during the invasion by those raiders from Ireth. Going from freewoman to noblewoman put her on the same social level as Derron, allowing him to marry her at last.” —Queen Viarra

There’s my power couple! That’s General Derron and Captain Vola from my novel, First Empress.

General Derron is the commander of Queen Viarra’s island forces and one of her long-time mentors and top military advisors. Derron is in his mid-60s, and served under Viarra’s grandfather, father, and older brother. Though not as mighty as he was in his youth, he’s still a competent fighter and brilliant leader of men.

Captain Vola is Derron’s second wife and commander of her majesty’s cavalry. A former slave, Vola hails from a nomadic, tribal people from the east, known as the Verleki. Now in her 50s, Vola is in charge of the training, deployment, and integration of Queen Viarra’s cavalry troops.

Though we don’t really get to see Derron and Vola fight side-by-side in the novel, we do get to see them coordinate Derron’s hoplites and Vola’s cavalry to break barbarian hordes and wreck enemy phalanxes.

Biggest thanks and eHugs to MJ for bringing my characters to life like this! Please consider commissioning portraits from her. The quality of artwork is stellar.

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2 Responses to Third MJ Commission

  1. sheikheddy says:

    It’s so exciting to see First empress develop from those little sketches to full blown colour. Quick question, would you be interested in making a piece about one of the heroines of Blizzard’s Overwatch? There’s Tracer, Widowmaker, Zarya, Symmetra, Mei, Mercy, Pharah, and D.Va.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about how these turned out. So, are you talking about a drawing piece or a writing piece for Overwatch? For a writing piece, I’d have to learn more about the game, I’ve never actually played. But if you’re interested in a portrait, you’ll want to contact MJ Barros, my artist friend who I commissioned for these pieces. She’s currently having a sale on commissioned portraits if you’re interested:

      Thanks for your interest, either way!

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