Rey: Jedi Knight, by Albert Urmanov


Rey: Jedi Knight, by Albert Urmanov

“Young girls can look at [Rey] and know that they can wear trousers if they want to. That they don’t have to show off their bodies.” —Daisy Ridley

Hi! Happy St Valentine’s Day, folks! If I were better at planning ahead, I should have posted some well-dressed, kickass power-couple for today’s writeup. Wasn’t thinking, though, and it didn’t occur to me until this morning—long after I’d made arrangements with Albert to use his awesome Rey portrait, and now that it’s far too late to try to get in two updates this weekend. Oh well. On to Rey!

So I was reasonably sure I was going to like Rey long before seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was not disappointed. While there were a things I found disappointing in the film, Rey was not one of them. She’s clever, resourceful, and courageous, and that’s without her recently awakened Force powers. I loved that the TFA creative team saw fit not only to design this strong, smart, likable heroine, but that they made her the main character of the story! Kudos, all around!

I love Albert’s stellar portrayal of our heroine in this portrait. A lot of commenters seemed to think this seemed more fitting for a Sith design, apparently forgetting Luke’s black tunic and trousers for Return of the Jedi. Personally, I like it rather well for Jedi combat apparel, and wouldn’t mind seeing a similar design in Episode VIII. It’s a smart outfit that would work well for any number of sci-fi adventuress types, especially in situations where combat is likely. As Albert pointed out, it could work equally effectively for a Jedi or Sith character. And I agree that the black just suits Rey, something she can kick ass in whether she’s fighting for the Light Side or Dark.

rey2Firstly, I like that Rey knows to keep her hair back out of the way, whether she’s moving around quickly in combat or crawling around the insides of a First Order warship. Her shawl/cloak/thing, meanwhile, can be pulled over her head against the sun or rain. Rey keeps her torso and vital organs well protected by some kind of plated, fibermesh armor. The mesh plating should offer decent protection from energy weapons, particularly when moving around quickly in combat. Underneath she wears a flexible body-glove for unhindered movement in battle. Her gloves look to be part of the body-glove and should be light enough to not hinder her lightsaber handling. I like as well that she wears padded vambraces over her sleeves for extra protection from Stormtrooper vibro-weapons or for punching or stiff-arming the aforementioned Stormtroopers.

Rey’s waist-wrap could serve any number of purposes, from a cover to hide her armor to extra bum-padding while piloting a starship or riding a swoop. Her cargo pants are loose for quick battle movements with pockets for carrying scavenging tools or small combat-related items. With extra padding in front, those combat boots look highly durable for adventuring or kicking some First-Order lackey upside the head. Her utility belt—a ubiquitous accessory throughout the Star Wars universe, has anyone else ever noticed that?—might contain anything from comlinks to field-rations to power-packs for her lightsaber. Anakin’s lightsaber appears to be Rey’s primary weapon, but I’d not be surprised if there’s a blaster strapped to her right hip and various other weapons on her person.

Huge thanks to Albert for letting me borrow his Rey for the blog. Feel free to follow his art updates on Facebook as well. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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