First Empress soldier designs: Heavy Skirmishers


Heavy Skirmisher Designs

“Men and women with linen cuirasses and oblong shields. Once they’ve exhausted their javelins, we redeploy them to bolster the phalanx or flank enemy formations. They don’t hold the line as solidly as regular hoplites, but they perform well enough. And with better armor and using javelins as impromptu spears, we find they’re far less vulnerable to enemy cavalry than regular skirmishers.”
—Princess Elna of Illis, excerpted from 
First Empress

Heavy skirmisher designs for First Empress. Female and male armors. Any feedback is always welcome! (I’m kind of proud of how the scorpion on that gal’s shield turned out…)

Her majesty’s heavy skirmishers aren’t really skirmishers, so much as medium infantry with javelins. Equipped with bronze helms, linothorax armor, and heavy shields, heavy javelin soldiers can be deployed to suppress enemy ranged units, unleash ranged punishment before charging, or even bolster the flanks of the phalanx if need be. Each carries a sword and 3-4 javelins, while javelins can be used as impromptu spears if need be. The success of these javelin infantry in combat will eventually lead to a more Legionary-style infantry.

Though skirmishers with armor and heavy shields are not a new idea, the city-state of Illis is the first to deploy them in large numbers. Upon Illis joining Queen Viarra’s hegemony, her majesty takes a personal interest in the tactic and begins utilizing heavy skirmishers in combat. Viarra’s campaigns into the Vedrian Highlands are the first large-scale deployment of heavy skirmish units.

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