First Empress soldier designs: Officers

officersOfficer Designs

“Manpower, wealth, resources, and an excellent officer staff all in the hands of one of the most brilliant monarchs who ever reigned; I think it’s best we stay on Queen Viarra’s good side.” —Emperor Orvandius, excerpted from First Empress

More equipment designs for First Empress. Officers in her majesty’s army.  Female and male designs, though equipment varies from soldier to soldier. Again, any thoughts on the designs are most welcome.

Typically nobles, Queen Viarra’s officers can usually afford better arms and armor than the lay soldier. Muscled bronze cuirasses are most common as well as plumed bronze helms of various styles and bronze greaves and vambraces. Officers wear cloaks to denote their commissioned status. Though archer captains tend to carry bows and cavalry captains gear up identically to the other horsemen, the generals and infantry captains carry exclusively swords and shields.

It’s worth noting that Tollesian foot officers never carry spears or javelins. Having nothing to lean on prevents the officer from taking a relaxed posture, as soldiers tend to relax when they see their officer relax. A relaxed soldier is a soldier off his guard. Though this seems like an innocuous detail, battles have been lost because some hoplite captain was leaning on his spear.

Upon usurping the Hegemony of Andivel, Queen Viarra divides her territory up into four military districts, each overseen by one of her generals. General Etan sees to the defense of the western district, General Valan oversees the central city-states, General Ware defends the eastern district, while General Derron protects the seaways and her majesty’s island holdings.

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