The Expensive Visitor, by Sir Tiefling

visitor1The Expensive Visitor, by Sir Tiefling

Alrighty, first post of 2016! I seriously wish I had time to offer more writeups for Sartorially Smart Heroines. I keep finding images that I bookmarked on my Tumblr or in my DeviantArt ‘favorites‘ folder with the intent of offering a future writeup that I’ve never gotten around to. I wish I could make a New Year’s resolution to explore more of these deserving heroines, but I try not to lie to my readers.

It’s been a while since last I wrote up a decent cat burglar, and stumbling back across Sir Tiefling’s slippery halfling rogue, I decided to pull this one from the pile. Her name is Tasoula the Rogue, a D&D character commission for one of Tiefling’s patrons. There was this adorable smugness that immediately drew me to her character. She looks smart and confident, having mastered the home-invasion trade and having plied her trade successfully and often.

I feel like Tas falls into the ‘shadow thief’ category, rather than the ‘breaking and entering‘ variety. Where some rogue archetypes have no qualms about murdering guards, eliminating witnesses, or setting things on fire to cover their escape, I feel like our halfling heroine prefers to slip in, steal her mark, and disappear without a trace. Though I’m sure she’s no slouch with that blade, I suspect she prefer’s violence as a last resort.

visitor2Though she’s not wearing a hood or mask in Tiefling’s portrait, we can see that Tas has a scarf or maybe turtleneck that she can pull over her face to hide her features. While I don’t think her outfit is leather armor, it definitely has leather padding (which in some universes can qualify it as ‘armor’) at her shoulders, hips, and waist for protection in light melee. Her shirt and leggings are linen or light wool—durable but loose and flexible for unhindered agility while slipping in windows or dashing across rooftops.

Tas prefers fingerless gloves for picking locks or prying window latches. For sneaking around she uses light but durable ankle-boots, perhaps with padded or felt soles to muffle her steps on stone or wooden floors. I like as well that she rolls her pant legs and straps them down to keep the fabric from rustling or snagging on anything. I get the feeling she’s done this many times and knows how to prep for domestic larceny.

Tasoula wears a backpack for carrying the tools of her burglaring trade and for stashing her ill-gotten gains. Tools may include rope and climbing harness, pry bars, lock picks, acids, smoke bombs, extra knives, saps, ether, and who knows what else. Likewise she has a small pouch strapped to her right leg for more stolen valuables. All around I find Tas to be a clever, confident, well-rounded little brigand.

Huge thanks to Sir Tiefling for the use of his handsome halfling. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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