Liasanya, by Leo Black

lia1Liasanya, by Leo Black

Bleah. Sorry this is a couple days late, folks. Lots going on of late and I had to push this post to the back burner a couple times. Every now and again it occurs to me that I really should work harder at adding more mages, sorceresses, priestesses, and other spell-casters to Sartorially Smart Heroines. I tend to prefer fighting classes, to be sure, but I have no objection to mages and have never felt that a character’s class inherently makes for a well- or poorly-written character. I’d been considering another image from Leo’s galleries when I ran across this lovely traveling spell-slinger, Liasanya.

I feel like the best mages to work with are the humble ones, and Lia here in no way strikes me as the arrogant or flamboyant type. To me she looks like the competent, somewhat extroverted type who enjoys working with others but functions well enough on her own. It was interesting that Leo referred to her as ‘semi-elf,’ which suggests to me an elven ancestry through a grandparent at the most recent. While I’ve never seen fiery, red hair on full-blood elves, it seems to be pretty common among half- and partial-elves.

In addition to my penchant for confident redheads, I think it was Lia’s smile that drew me to her character. She has a very sincere and open expression, and I find it hard to imagine her not being of the Good alignment. Additionally, I like the all-around practicality of her travel dress. Leo refers to her simply as a mage, which tends to suggest wizard or sorceress, but I can see her outfit working for a cleric or traveling priestess, or even a druid with connections to a decent tailor.

lia2Lia’s green traveling robe looks well-tailored and smart for wherever her adventures take her. Her wide collar covers both shoulders and can likely be pulled up like a hood to protect her pretty head from rain and sun. Her sleeves are loose for unhindered movement, and not so long as to disrupt her spell-casting gestures. The robe itself is long, but tabard-like in the front for effective movement around the battlefield. Lia’s pants are likely either wool or linen and her boots sturdy leather, which should travel well through the woodlands or into the dungeons deep.

With any spell-caster, it’s important to remember that virtually any part of her outfit and accessories could have magical properties. Her necklaces might be mere keepsakes, or they might magically enhance her constitution or concentration. Her staff may be a mere focus for her spells, or it might summon a crash of dire rhinos. The knife at Lia’s waist may be everyday terrestrial steel, or it may deal magical damage incorporeal foes. Similarly, her satchel may be just a place to carry spell components, or it may be a vessel of inter-dimensional storage space. With any good mage, the imagination is the only limit to what her gear is capable of.

Huge thanks to Leo for the use of his pretty mage. Feel free to check out his Tumblr as well. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome.

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