Jedi Girl, by Kasia

jedigirlJedi Girl, by Kasia

“Shut up!! Midichlorians didn’t happen!! Jedi are still mystical and cool!!” —Dustin, Weregeek

So it’s been kind of exciting the past couple of weeks. I’ve heard back from several awesome artists about using their work for the blog. This was part of the reason I posted two writeups last weekend, and for the same reason I’m going to endeavor to get in a pair of posts this weekend as well. My first writeup is this golden-haired knight from Kasia’s gorgeous DeviantArt gallery. Kasia has a lot of stellar medieval and fantasy knights as well, but I opted to start with her knight of the Jedi variety. In proper nerd style, I’ve got my battered twenty-year-old R2-D2 baseball cap on and my John Williams soundtracks turned up—bring it on, weekend.

Having grown up a Star Wars nerd, I’m a bit surprised at myself that I haven’t used more Jedi on Sartorially Smart Heroines. While it was the hardware that drew me most to George Lucas’s epic saga—the blasters, star ships, and giant space battles—I was still quite captivated by the Jedi as an order and by the Force as an active, binding influence upon the galaxy. Yet somehow, Mara Jade is the only Force-user I’ve included so far on the blog. An oversight that I should probably work on rectifying.

The basic Jedi robes found throughout the Star Wars films, comics, and other media are variations on the robes worn by Sir Alec Guinness during Episode 4, but what’s interesting to me is that this wasn’t Lucas’s initial intent. Originally, Obi-Wan’s attire was just supposed to be a set of desert nomad’s robes with sort of a Biblical look to them (back in college, I wore Jedi robes around campus one Halloween; my adviser, a lovely little Irish-Catholic woman, asked if I was supposed to be an Old Testament prophet). I’m not sure at what point the desert nomad robes became canon as traditional Jedi apparel, but on the whole I love their look as a utilitarian, yet somehow mystical garment of the order of protectors of the Republic.

jedigirlAs well as being a traditional design, Jedi robes and tunic are pretty nondescript, looking not at all out of place among the commoners on any number of Republic worlds. One of the things I appreciate about Kasia’s design is the turtleneck undershirt—I’ve occasionally seen some fairly cleavage-y Jedi fan art with a lot flowing open in the front. Thus I appreciate the conservative frontal coverage in this one. Her undershirt, tunic, and trousers are loose and rugged for unhindered combat and lightsaber-play around the battlefield. Our Jedi’s outer robe is long and loose, offering protection from weather on many types of life-sustaining planets.

Our Jedi’s boots are flexible for unhindered movement, while durable for travel or combat. As well as keeping her tunic closed, her belt provides a place to hang her lightsaber, communicator, and any other tools she needs for her mission. I noticed as well the shortness of our heroine’s outer robe and sleeves, compared with the flowy-sleeve, calf- and ankle-length robes worn throughout the series. It could be that her current mission is on a forested planet and she doesn’t want the long robe snagging on rocks and brambles. Or perhaps our pretty Jedi is primarily a pilot or swoop rider and simply doesn’t need a long, bulky robe getting tangled in her instruments or flapping around behind her. Whether she’s negotiating a truce between warring planets, ferreting out a spice-smuggling operation, or rescuing a nexu kitten from a tree, I feel like our young Jedi is well attired for whatever her duties require.

Massive thanks to Kasia for letting me borrow her pretty Jedi for the blog. Feel free to check out her galleries on Tumblr as well. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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