Mirax Terrik, by Tony Foti

mirax2Mirax Terrik-Horn, by Tony Foti

“Nope, I’m using my wits and my guts to get me through.” —Mirax Terrik

I was actually looking for a different image from Tony’s galleries for this weekend’s writeup when I stumbled across this smart image of one of my favorite heroines from the Star Wars Extended Universe. Admittedly, I have what amounts to a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars EU and won’t miss a lot of what got de-canonized, but to me Mirax Terrik remains one of the more interesting and worthwhile characters from the EU novels. Tony’s awesome portrait is another for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Any friend of Wedge Antilles is a friend of mine, and sassy smuggler captain Mirax Terrik remains one of my favorite characters introduced in Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing novels. Her piloting skills and blaster marksmanship aside, what impressed me most about Captain Mirax was her business drive. When her father, notorious Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik, went to prison, the teenaged Mirax essentially took over and legitimatized his shipping business. She inherited her ship of choice, the Pulsar Skate, with her father’s business, using it for both legitimate shipping and smuggling. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she later aided the Rebel Alliance war effort by smuggling goods past Imperial blockades and customs.

mirax2I applaud Tony for his attention to character detail, particularly in how everything about Mirax’s smug grin, laid-back posture, and roguish flight outfit carry a smartly-rendered Corellian swagger. Her bomber jacket is heavy and rugged for shipboard duties, clandestine smuggling meetings, or shootouts with local law-enforcement. Underneath she wears a simple white shirt, tucked in with no belly or cleavage hanging out. Our heroine’s trousers are durable and utilitarian for freight movement, starship repairs, or light combat. Lastly, her nerf-hide boots should work great for footing in a gunfight, hiking through the forest for a pickup, or for kicking uppity customs officers in the shins.

Apart from her wits, Mirax’s most important weapon is her blaster sidearm. I did some cursory research on her pistol from this image, and I think I narrowed it down to a Merr-Sonn Model-57 with a longer barrel and perhaps one or two other sporting modifications. Gunfighter-style, she keeps her pistol in a low-slung hip-holster for quick-draws in a tight spot. Any other gear, such as credits, data-pads, blaster packs, lock picks, or portable scanners, can be stored in the pouches on her belt or the pockets on her coat. As a smuggler, it’s also likely that her coat, shirt, pants, or boots may contain secret places for stashing concealed goods. Clever lass.

Huge thanks to Tony for being so cool with me borrowing his art for the blog. Please take the time to check out his online galleries and Facebook page. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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