Asami from The Legend of Korra, by Astri Sjursen

asami1Asami, by Astri Sjursen

It’s alright. People usually assume that I’m ‘Daddy’s helpless little girl.’ But I can handle myself.” —Asami Sato, The Legend of Korra

Whatever part of the Legend of Korra fandom you follow, I think you have to admit that Asami Sato has class. For starters, I love that she’s a true Renaissance woman. She’s a pilot, racecar driver, businesswoman, adventuress, martial artist, inventor, philanthropist, industrialist, engineer, and even a soldier and a resistance fighter when need be. Asami is tough and intelligent, and I truly admire that at no point in the series does she play the damsel in distress. Whether against chi-blockers, renegade earth-benders, or mecha tanks, Ms. Sato is never afraid to mix it up alongside the rest of Team Avatar. She kicks as much ass as anyone except Korra, and does it without their vaunted bending abilities.

Secondly, Asami is incredibly selfless and dauntlessly loyal to her friends. She sides with Avatar Korra against the Equalists, despite being a non-bender (and despite other reasons I won’t spoil here). Though heiress to the Future Industries corporation and an engineer and businesswoman in her own right, Asami is willing to put her work aside to accompany (or even chauffeur) Korra and the others on their latest adventure to save the world.

asami3Asami’s standard adventuring attire is her dark coat with the Future Industries shoulder-logos. Like anything made by Future Industries, the coat is durable and of the highest possible quality, an effective garment for driving, adventuring, or battling Red Lotus anarchists. Her matching cargo pants are loose and rugged for travel or unarmed combat, with huge pockets for carrying the smaller tools of her tinkering/engineering trade. (Things like wrenches, ratchets, car keys, screwdrivers, and lockpicks, I suppose. We never see Asami fish tools from her pockets, but she always seems to have them ready.)

Those leather work-gloves are light for unhindered driving or mechanical repairs and work great for punching out Equalist lieutenants. Her boots, I’m less sure about. They don’t look all that durable or heavy-duty to me, but I suppose they’re also light and flexible for running or for kicking an earth-bender’s feet out from under him. All in all, Asami always knows how to accessorize her outfits, and cuts a striking figure of an adventuress wearing them.

asami4Aside from her martial artistry, our heroine’s primary weapon is an electrified glove taken from an Equalist leader. The Equalists used their gloves to quickly subdue benders, thus Asami seemed to find satisfaction in using her glove to subdue Equalist chi-blockers. She uses her glove various times over the course of the series against bandits, benders, anarchists, mercenaries, and soldiers, always to great effect.

The lovely Asami receives a lot of criticism from certain parts of the LoK fandom for being banal and one-dimensional. I fail to understand where this derision comes from, nor do I follow the logic behind it. In Asami Sato I see an intelligent, capable, fearless, and loyal young woman. One who isn’t afraid to protect her friends or do what is right—even if it means standing up to someone she cares about. Fist-bump, girl, but watch the electrified glove.

Huge thanks to Astri for letting me borrow her gorgeous fan art! Other images captured from the DVD, Legend of Korra, Book 1: Air, and are property of Nickelodeon and creators Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. Thanks, as always, for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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