Maudra, by Hugo Solis

maudra1Maudra, by Hugo Solis

“Maudra became fond of sharp things after her first (and last) betrothal. She learned two powerful lessons from that time in her life: a well-made blade will never let you down (unlike family), and having an escape plan cuts down on the number of people you have to murder once you have what you came for.”

My next dwarf heroine is the charming Maudra, a character commission by Hugo Solis. I fell in love with Maud for her clever smirk and rugged good looks. While I don’t know her full story, I suspect she’s of the Chaotic-neutral alignment—a survivor who’s not opposed to working with others but still tends to look out for number one.

As burglars go, I suspect Maud here is less the ‘shadow thief’ archetype and more the ‘breaking and entering’ sort. Where the shadow thief prefers to sneak in, steal her prize, and disappear without leaving a trace, our dwarf heroine looks like the sort to gank a few guards on her way out and possibly set something on fire to cover her escape. In a scrap she’s geared for heavy damage, slipping around in combat to slice up her foes from behind or in the sides. But at the same time, she looks tough and durable, like she can stay on her feet through an extended tussle.

maudra2For armor, Maudra prefers this light suit of hardened leather armor, great for deflecting arrows and keeping our charming rogue safe in light melee. Her shoulders are padded and protected from disabling blows by rugged leather spaulders, while thick, padded leather bracers keep her arms safe in a knife fight. Her pants are linen or light leather, durable for scaling manor walls or crawling through dungeons, without sacrificing dexterity. Her boots are thick leather to stand up to whatever misadventures Maud should encounter.

If I have a concern about Maudra’s attire, it’s the sculpted breasts of her cuirass. While the leather is pliable enough that the cleavage won’t break her sternum with any blow to the chest, enemy weapons that hit between her boobs risk being directed inward, toward her heart, rather than harmlessly out and away. Though Maud’s quick and constant movement in combat reduce this risk, it should still be noted as a potential design flaw.

I love Maud’s collection of knives and daggers, especially given that they don’t all look dwarven. The dagger in her hand looks suspiciously Drow, a couple look goblinoid in origin, while the middle blade on her left hip might be lizard-folk. (I kind of suspect they all had previous owners who are no longer with us…) Our stout heroine also carries with her several pouches and a backpack for stashing the tools of her trade or ill-gotten gains.

Huge thanks to Hugo for letting me borrow Maudra for the blog. Thanks, as always, for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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