Mako of Star Wars: The Old Republic

mako1Mercenary Slicer Mako and Chiss Bounty Hunter from Star Wars: The Old Republic

“How do you manage to make durasteel [armor] look good? If I wore that, people’d think I strapped on a shipping crate.” —Mako

I started my SW:TOR account back up recently and given that it’s been a while since my writeup for Sergeant Dorne, I thought I’d showcase another of my favorite TOR heroines. Mako, the charming slicer girl from BioWare’s Star Wars: TOR was one of the first companion characters I really fell in love with from the game. Mako is the first companion to join the bounty hunter player-character during the introduction on Nal Hutta, assisting the hunter with bounties for the Great Hunt as well as with mercenary soldiering for the Sith Empire. I love how, despite being surrounded by vindictive Sith agents and shady underworld thugs, Mako remains a mercenary with a conscience and gets along best with players who roll their hunters as such.

I’ve long been a fan of BioWare’s ability to create strong, smart, quirky characters, and Mako is by no means an exception. Having grown up on the streets of Nar Shadaa, our heroine is savvy and street-smart, but retains a level good cheer, idealism, and light sense of humor. Her fascination with bounty hunting and bounty-hunter lore is similarly endearing, putting a compassionate hunter character in position to earn her idolization. Mako is a sweetheart all around, and my desire to be nice to her and be her hero are why my bounty hunter character hasn’t earned all that many “Dark Side” points.

mako4As a slicer, Mako is the team’s tech specialist, able to hack into most any security system in search of information, whether it’s the whereabouts of the player’s next target, the layout of a Republic base, or the entry code for a high-security bank vault. A cyborg, Mako’s cranial implants help her access and interface with computer systems in ways that ordinary slicers could only imagine. Having grown up on the streets, the charming merc girl is also combat-ready, eager to assist the hunter in the thick of the action. Additionally, she is the crew’s medic, able to keep her teammates patched up and standing during and following a heavy scrum with elite Republic soldiers.

mako5As a support character, Mako wears lighter armor than her bounty hunter teammate, offering a compromise between protection and flexibility. Her armor is likely a fiber armor, designed for protection against light melee and small-arms fire. The natural and synthetic fibers are designed to channel and disperse damage from energy weapons, keeping our heroine reasonably safe against hand blasters and other light weapons. The lighter grey armor segments appear to contain a heavier padding, for additional protection to Mako’s legs and torso.

Our pretty huntress wears light gloves for unhindered blaster handling and computer slicing. Her boots are sturdy leather and should stand up to the blistering sands of Tatooine or the chemical pools of the ruined planet Taris. Mako’s primary weapon is her pistol, though she mako8carries a combat knife for melee as well. On her back she wears a communications device of some kind, likely for coordinating with her teammates, hacking local security, digging up classified information, or tracking current bounties. The pack is probably connected to Mako’s datapad and cranial implant, giving the cute little tech wizard streamlined slicing and computing power. (There’s a reason my hunter’s other companions get so little play time.)

Screen captures taken from game play. As always, thanks so much for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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