Malulani, by Mates Laurentiu

malulani1Malulani, by Mates Laurentiu

I first discovered Mates Laurentiu’s character artwork a while back, about the time I started my DeviantArt account, and I quite honestly thought that I’d featured his art on Sartorially Smart Heroines before. It was looking back through the archives a few weeks ago that I realized I’d overlooked him somehow. Mates does custom portrait commissions through his website and DA page, specializing in fantasy cover art and original character portraits for role-players.

Admittedly, it was probably my thing for confident redheads that drew me to the lovely Malulani. Two, I’ve always been partial to ranger characters who break from the green-tights, hooded cloak archetype. Mal’s buckskin outfit is a delightful departure from the classic ranger ensemble, bringing to mind a Cherokee tracker rather than your typical elf warden. According to Mates, our fire-haired scout is a human ranger with elf blood, but who is unaware of her elvish heritage.

malulani2Though not hardened for the purpose of deflecting arrows and daggers, Mal’s rawhide jacket and buckskin shirt are still fairly durable in a scrum and should hold up well for any forest trek or dungeon crawl. The outfit is light for quick movement and the sleeve is long enough to protect her arms from wear and tear from her bowstring. Her pants are a similar soft leather, rugged and flexible, and her boots are hardened leather for traversing any terrain. Our ranger’s cloak is the only archetypical part of her ensemble, protecting her from any sort of rain and wind and weather.

malulani3Mal’s accessories are fitting as well. Her primary weapon is a longbow of possible elvish make. While I prefer short-bows for forest use, I don’t feel like Mal’s bow is long enough as to be ineffective in close, woodland areas. Her backup weapons are a pair of unmatched broadswords, useful for finishing off a wounded orc or scrapping with that Drow rogue who managed to sneak within her bow’s minimum effective range. I like her right-hand bracer as well, especially the two-fingered glove to protect her fingers from the strain of pulling that bowstring. While I don’t see a backpack or satchel for carrying her adventuring supplies, she does have belt pouches for potions, wolf-treats, arrowheads, flint and tinder, whetstones, medicinal herbs, bandage rolls, and other small necessities.

Huge thanks to Mates for letting me borrow Malulani for the blog. Feel free to check out his galleries and custom art commissions at Avatar Art. Thanks as always for reading folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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