RHA Contest Entry, by Anne Marte Markussen

healer1RHA Contest Entry, by Anne Marte Markussen

 “I don’t play a healer because I enjoy helping people. I just like the idea of being the one that controls whether you live or die.”

Repair Her Armor was one of the first blogs I discovered when I initially started my Tumblr for SSH. Though currently on hiatus, RHA is a smart, well-conceived Tumblr where readers submit “broken” (sexualized in some way that makes them stupid and impractical) armor for others to repair digitally or in their own artwork and resubmit. These are taken most often from comics and video games (who are among the more deserving culprits, really), but may also come from movies, table-top gaming, or various other sources. Anne’s sassy spell-caster was a submission for a contest to fix one of thirteen broken outfit styles commonly seen in MMOs, featured here. The above entry was a fix for archetype #12, the “creative healer.”

Somewhat reminiscent of some of the unbroken light armors from Guild Wars 2 (there are rather few of these), I like that this particular outfit could work for just about any sort of spell-caster. I can see clerics from any number of tabletop game series wearing something like this, or healers from any number of MMOs. Similarly, wizards, sorceresses, elementalists, illusionists, and other arcane classes might also find this an effective outfit. With a lute and white cocked-hat, I can see this working for a bard, as well. Or it might even serve as a dress uniform for an order of paladins. It’s a well-balanced outfit that offers a lot of possibilities.

healer1Whatever her class, our comely caster wears her robes smartly and professionally. Indeed, the ensemble looks like a uniform for an order of clerics or mages. The coat itself is an effective choice, long enough to protect more than her modesty and with no risk of dragging the ground and snagging on stuff. Though not especially protective in melee (unless somehow enchanted for the purpose), it should function like a light hauberk as far as deflection and absorption. The blue padding at her waist may offer additional protection to her delicate innards.

As the spaulders are strapped across our heroine’s chest, I suspect that they’re more than just decoration, intended to protect her shoulders from disabling cuts and blows. I like, too, that she layers up with at least one other shirt to provide additional padding should things come down to melee. Her forearms are wrapped in cloth bracers to keep her sleeves out of the way for intricate casting movements, offering minor protection from blows to her arms. The pants are always useful, keeping her legs safe when adventuring and dungeon-diving. Lastly, the knee-high leather boots are excellent for protecting her legs from low cuts or puckerbrush.

One last important thing to remember about a mage’s outfit is that virtually anything could potentially have magical properties. The wrapped bracers might increase her dexterity while the spaulders may offer additional protection from negative energy attacks. The feathery designs on her coat might allow her to summon a roc or phoenix, the boots might allow her to run fast or jump far, and the hair piece might house a return spell that brings her home safely when in a tight spot. Fun and interesting possibilities abound.

Deepest thanks to Anne for letting me borrow her healer for the blog. Her other concept “fixes” from the list can be found here. Feel free to check out her galleries on Tumblr as well. Thanks a million for reading folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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