August is Mage-Month, and who knew site stats were so fun?

fft_oracleLooking at the stats for Sartorially Smart Heroines from yesterday, I’m nearly positive that someone, I believe from here in the States, spent their day reading the entirety of my archives. Whoever you are, I kind of wish I could high-five you in person.

Secondly, I’m officially making August Mage-Month, here at SSH, in part because I’ve rather neglected the spell-caster classes so far on the blog. Additionally, wizards, sorceresses, bards, clerics, necromancers, and druids all have different requirements from the more physical classes and I want to challenge myself to become more accustomed to their particular needs and nuances. So for the next five weekends I’ll be featuring a caster, starting with a creative healer from the very talented Anne Markussen. Still working out the lineups for the month, so suggestions for characters and artists are most welcome!

Thanks and stay awesome, everyone.

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2 Responses to August is Mage-Month, and who knew site stats were so fun?

  1. herdthinner says:

    It wasn’t me, but I know the feeling. I average single-digit views at best, but a few months ago there were a couple of days that really spiked, and it was NOT from a relative!

    I try to read your stuff as I catch it, but I confess to a certain ignorance of many of the terms (usually French, or looking like it to me) used to describe specific pieces of armor. But now that I have just this moment remembered and looked up the word “greave,” I can mentally replace “shin-guard” with the former. And so on. These things take time.

  2. Yeah, my regular blog generally gets single digits. But I don’t update it nearly as often as I should. This one averages maybe 20-30 most days, but occasionally picks up way more than that. Sometimes an artist I’ve featured will post a link on Facebook and I’ll get 60+. Not sure who all of my friends and family read my blogs regularly.

    Would it help if I posted a dictionary of terms? To me words like greave, spaulder, and cuirass are just sensible words to use, but I understand if not everyone is familiar with them. (And, admittedly, I occasionally run into vocabulary that *I* have to look up…)

    Anyway, thanks again for reading!

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