First Anniversary of Sartorially Smart Heroines!

knight2Hi folks! So, Saturday July 12 marks the First Anniversary of Sartorially Smart Heroines. Hard to believe in some ways that it’s been a year now. I wanted, first and foremost, to thank all of you amazing and awesome readers for sticking with me and for the writers and artists who’ve let me borrow their work for the blog. The encouragement and positive feedback I’ve gotten from many of you has been amazing and overwhelming. You guys are bloody awesome; let no one tell you otherwise.

Secondly, I wanted to announce that in order to reach out to more readers, I’m starting Blog Spot and Facebook pages for SSH. The Facebook page will feature updates each week, as well as discussion topics, links to interesting and pertinent articles I find, and images that I don’t have time to put up on the main blog—much like the Tumblr account. With the Blog Spot, I intend to re-post my previous SSH articles from on a MWF schedule, until both blogs are caught up. From there I’ll post to both blogs simultaneously. I hope to have both of these up within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks once again, folks, for an amazing first year. Take care and stay awesome!

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3 Responses to First Anniversary of Sartorially Smart Heroines!

  1. herdthinner says:

    Congrats on surviving Year One!
    Funny – I use Blogspot to write my story drafts, then copy them to WP. I get zero traffic except spam on Blogspot, so I think of it as the “safe” place to mess about. Maybe I’m just using it wrong??

    • Maybe the audiences are just different between WordPress and Blogspot? Blogspot, to me always seemed to be the more populous of the two hosts, but this is merely an assumption on my part.

  2. Sandy Frank says:

    I know this one is late, but I just wanted to thank you for putting this out there. I am more or less the exemplar of the oppressor–white heterosexual upper middle-class male, ex-military, who believes that sexual obligations on both sides are part of the glue of society–but even I am tired of seeing pointless sexualization. It’s wonderful to see examples of practical women portrayed by excellent artists, and frankly, it’s much sexier to see a woman who can get the damn job done!

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