Expanding Media

eowyn3A while back a good friend made the recommendation that I expand Sartorially Smart Heroines over to other media, such as other blogs, Facebook, even Twitter. So I’m putting it out to my readers: should I try out additional blog places and other social media? My thought was to (a) start a Facebook page where I can post links to my most recent updates, as well as images, discussions, and links to pertinent articles. And (b) start an SSH over on Blogspot or a similar blog hosting site, with the intent of offering previous writeups, say 3 days a week, until the new blog has caught up to the original, and then update both of them in tandem like I currently do with WordPress and Tumblr.

The biggest part of my rationale is the effort to get a more in-depth discussion going on the topic of smartly-dressed heroines in various media. I’ve enjoyed the occasional back and forth I’ve gotten with and between readers, but these have been somewhat rare. I’m hoping that by offering more awareness of SSH I can attract more readers and create more interest and discussion.

The possible drawback to this is the likelihood of attracting negative attention to the blog. Thus far I’ve been blessedly untouched by internet trolls and other detractors in my efforts to offer thoughtful commentary on smart heroines’ attire. I recognize the potential risks involved and would welcome readers’ feedback on whether or not to make the move to expand. Any thoughts or comments are most welcome!

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3 Responses to Expanding Media

  1. herdthinner says:

    Go for it. I post in different places, too, as mirror sites of sorts. Not FB for what I put on WordPress, though, except to link to the posts. The downside of FB is that long posts are often skimmed or even skipped due to its terse nature. I assume that you’d just use Twitter to post links to the full posts?

    • I think for FB, I’d do much like I do for Tumblr, where I post links to my writeups and pertinent articles. Never used Twitter before, so I’d have to try to learn all of the etiquette as well as the best use for the limited character format.

      • herdthinner says:

        …there’s Twitter etiquette? ;-D

        No worries if you’re just posting a link plus a hashtag. I recommend converting it to a short URL to get more characters. For my story posts I might write something like “Well, he’s in a sticky situation now! In Stuff & Things Ch800: (short URL) #stuffnthings”

        Apparently you can post pictures there, too, but I haven’t tried. I don’t know how those affect the character count.

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