Elf Druid Female, by Zak Hennessey

druid1Elf Druid Female Commission, by Zak Hennessey

I don’t recall exactly when it was that I stumbled across the willowy druid from Zak’s DeviantArt page. But I took an immediate liking to her pleasant disposition and non-archetypical druid outfit. Our elf here is a concept portrait for one of the characters from an independent film called Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords by Asgard Entertainment. I had to do a lot of my own research to learn about the film, but I did find out that our golden-haired druid is a Silver Elf named Tar’i, who is part of a band of adventurers out to stop the forces of evil from unleashing an undead plague on the world.

To start with, I like that while Tar’i’s outfit work fine as a spell-caster’s adventuring robes, they aren’t really the stereotypical druid’s outfit. I’m willing to accept that a druid should be able to wear whatever she wants when out frolicking with the woodland creatures, but when on an adventure, I hope she will outfit herself sensibly for combat and dungeon-crawling.

druid1On the whole, I like Tar’i’s outfit here. The blue jacket and white tunic are an effective ensemble, form-fitting enough not to snag on nearby foliage, with loose sleeves for unhindered movement. Plus they are layered for that much more protection in combat. Her corset isn’t ribbed or particularly tight, so it should provide extra padding at the torso without restricting movement much. Pants are simple tights for unhindered movement through the woods or around the battlefield.

Our Silver Elf’s weapon of choice is a staff or whoop-ass stick that looks to have magical properties. Tar’i’s gloves are light and loose for effective stave handling. Though the angle of the image makes it hard to tell, her boots are not high heels, and thus won’t trip her up or put her off balance in the middle of a scrum. In fact, I’m not sure that they’re even knee-high boots. I think what we’re seeing from knee to ankle is more of a padded grieve or legging, rather than leather boot.

I don’t know how Tar’i comes across in the film, but I like what I see in Zak’s portrait. She has a competent, pleasant-natured look about her that makes the character hard not to like. The entangling vines are a nice touch, artistically, and I love that the bluebird’s pose is the type one would expect to see painted on the hood of a Trans-Am.

Thanks to Zak for letting me borrow Tar’i for the blog. You can find more pictures of the film on their Facebook page. As always, thanks so much for reading folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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