Lady Templar, by Jessie Lam

ladytemplarLady Templar, by Jessie Lam

“[G]entler than lambs and grimmer than lions; theirs is the mildness of monks and the valor of knights.” —Bernard of Clairvaux

One of the greatest compliments I’ve been paid in regards to Sartorially Smart Heroines came in a message over DeviantArt from the very talented Jessie Lam when I asked permission to use her Lady Knight in one of my blog posts. Not only did Jessie grant permission, she generously offered links to four of her other concept arts to use in the blog. Thus it is with great respect and gratitude that I present Jessie’s Lady Templar.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of my biggest peeves with unreasonable combat or adventuring attire is when it’s being worn in the cold. And while I anticipate our Lady Templar would have to layer up further for Arctic temperatures, her current cold-weather attire should be sufficient to handle freezing and near-freezing conditions.

ladytemplar2Our Knight Templar’s helm of choice is a burgundy beret to keep her pretty head warm. Her inner-most visible layer is a turtleneck sweater of the same color. Her cuirass is a padded, fleece-lined leather coat. Not only does it shield her from the wind and sleet, it should also function similarly to quilted or padded armor. The wide collar looks like it can zip all the way up to better protect our Templar’s face.

Her gauntlets are fingerless leather gloves to keep her hands warm without hindering her gun-handling. Interestingly, the Templar signet ring on her right hand is the only part of her attire that shows her affiliation. (Though, with religious orders in fantasy stories, it’s probable that her signet serves purposes beyond identifying the wearer and stamping sealing wax.) I also like that our heroine’s pants are padded against the cold, rather than skin-tight or otherwise non-protective. Like her jacket, the padded trousers should also provide basic protection from the claws of demons, ghouls, or lycanthropes. Her footwear of choice looks to be a pair of flexible, insulated snow boots.

ladytemplar3Besides her shotgun, our Lady carries the remaining tools of the demon-hunting trade in pouches strapped to her legs. While we can’t see the contents, it’s interesting to speculate as to what else she might carry. Additional shot for her gun is likely. Multi-tools, a flashlight, a cold-iron K-Bar knife, field rations, vials of holy water, or portable hand-warmers might be tucked neatly away on those pouches.

I found it interesting to note that our heroine’s cold-weather gear seems in no way camouflaged for snowy conditions: the black-on-burgundy tells us that her mission doesn’t involve subterfuge. She’s out to hunt hell-spawn and it doesn’t matter if they see her coming or not. Jessie’s description says that the Templar packs “an enchanted shotgun that fires silver bullets and makes nice holes in demons.” The excellently rendered smoke wafting from her gun tells us another demon is lain low by the Templar’s boom-stick.

Thanks once again to Jessie, and as always thanks for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!

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