Season’s Greetings from SSH!

drowsSeason’s greetings, kind readers!

Phew! It’s been crazy around here with the holiday onset and the coming of the New Year. Taking time to look back at what I’ve accomplished over the course of 2013, starting the Sartorially Smart Heroines blog is probably what I’m most proud of. What started as an experiment on WordPress slowly grew to something much bigger, and in my view kind of unique. I was apprehensive about starting the blog in the first place, and self-confidence has rarely been one of my strengths. But I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family as well as readers from all corners of the internet.

I was especially apprehensive when I first started contacting artists about featuring their art in my Heroine’s Blog, but I’ve been amazed at the positive feedback I’ve gotten from some of them and what their feedback has done for my self-confidence. I can’t think of anything I’ve found more gratifying than contacting an artist about using his work in SSH and finding out that he already reads it. I contacted another artist about borrowing one of her character concepts, and she offered links to four others I could use as well. Looking on one artist’s Tumblr and seeing that she has a link to my Tumblr was yet another boost. I’m pleased overall with how the blog has progressed and I hope to continue working on it over 2014. 

Thanks again for reading, folks! Stay awesome and have a joyous holiday season!

(Image courtesy my sketch pad.)

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