Tamisen the Paladin by Sir Tiefling

tamisen1Tamisen, by Sir Tiefling

“Aggression is not strength. I will not strike the first blow, but if I must I will deliver the last to protect that which I hold dear.” —Elizabeth Rose Cooper

There are a lot of paladin archetypes out there. For a character class that I’ve occasionally heard accused of being one-dimensional, there are a lot of ways to build a holy champion in terms of play style and characterization. Sure, there are plenty of examples of uptight, self-righteous paladins who believe their devotion to their god makes them superior to others. But I find there are also plenty of knight-errant type paladins, roving heroes bringing light in a dark world. Just as often there are the undead-hunter paladins, standing strong against the zombie hordes. Though I think my favorite might be the defender-of-the-innocent paladins, those who dedicate their lives to protecting those they hold dear. From the look of her, I suspect Tamisen could fall into any of the above categories.

tamisen2Regardless of her archetype, I feel Tamisen has effective battle attire for combating the unwashed hordes. Her armor is partial-plate: metal plates and segments strapped to leather armor. In particular, I like the attention to joint-protection. As the shoulders, elbows, and knees are more vulnerable to crippling blows than are mid-bone, it makes sense to offer additional armor for those areas. Steel plates protect Tami’s arms, torso, hips and legs from the bite of goblin knives and drow arrows, the segmented chest plates allowing greater flexibility than a solid plate. I like her gauntlets as well, the plates protecting her fingers, while the leather gloves let her keep a better grip on her weapons than steel gauntlets. And as pointed-toed boots are only beneficial for riding, the round-toed boots tell us that Paladin Tamisen fights mainly as an infantrywoman.

Her accessories also tell us much about the comely Tamisen. Her cloak is ubiquitous among adventurers for its warmth and protection from the elements. Tami’s long blade is a bastard sword—an elegant weapon, but one challenging to master. Her sidearm is a simple dagger, likely used more often for eating than for combat. The pouch on her belt could contain any number of items, from coin to stationery to flint and tinder to healing herbs.

In this image I imagine Tamisen to be observing her foe, watching him either coming or retreating—perhaps fleeing at her very presence. An excellent piece all around, Sir Tiefling, thanks all around. And as always, thanks for reading, folks!

Image courtesy Sir Tiefling. Used with permission.

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