Agrias Oaks of Final Fantasy Tactics

agrias1I’ve been meaning for a while to offer a write-up on Agrias Oaks, the lovely Holy Knight from Final Fantasy Tactics. I love this rather tender image of Agrias and her charge, Princess Ovelia, that I found on Tumblr a while back. But I found myself constantly frustrated at how hard I had to look to find a version of the image that gave the artist’s name. I believe I narrowed it down to an artist named Harusame, though I don’t know if this is a real name or an online name. (If someone could confirm this in the comments, I’d be most appreciative!)

Agrias begins the tale as the bodyguard for the tragic Princess Ovelia Atkascha. Our heroine joins the main character Ramza‘s company in Chapter 2, initially to locate the princess when she goes missing partway through the story. As much as I loved the crooked politics and intrigue throughout the story, as a player I found it frustrating how their quest to find Ovelia is forgotten as the story progresses, and, as best I can recall, Agrias and Ovelia are never reunited before the gentle princess meets her tragic fate at the end of the story (another of my biggest peeves with Tactics). Indeed, like the rest of Ramza’s companions, Agrias’s fate is never alluded to in the game’s weird and ambiguous ending.

agrias2As a Holy Knight and royal bodyguard, Agrias must be prepared for battle at all times, so it makes sense that she has a durable, but easy-traveling armor set. Like most of the armor in FF Tactics, Agrias’s plate mail seems to be focused around her arms and upper torso. Her mail offers excellent protection for her chest and arms, with special emphasis on her shoulder and elbow joints. Just as importantly, single knee-plates protect our heroine from potentially incapacitating blows to the knees.

Agrias’s armor fits on over a knee-length coat that likely offers protection similar to a padded hauberk. Her pants are tough leather but loose for effective movement around the battlefield. Her gloves seem to be a pair of simple leather gloves—durable, but flexible enough for effective sword-handling. Lastly, her boots are also tough, heavy leather, but light for effective combat movement.

I think Agrias remains my favorite heroine from FF Tactics, for her demeanor as well as her abilities. She’s tough and smart, and dedicated to her duties, but not in that strict, no-nonsense way so common among bodyguard characters. She’s a proven warrior with no need to showoff what she’s capable of in battle, nor to demonstrate that she’s the strongest, the toughest, or better than all of the guys. This allows her to focus instead on helping Ramza and the others fulfill their quest to uncover and defeat the evil forces behind their people’s conflict.

Lower image property of Squaresoft. For my previous Final Fantasy Tactics discussion, see here and here. Thanks for reading, folks, and stay awesome!

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3 Responses to Agrias Oaks of Final Fantasy Tactics

  1. Lithp says:

    Randomly stumbled across this page, thought I should mention that the War of the Lions version expands a bit on Agrias. She does in fact reunite with Ovelia later, & is the one who gives her the knife to protect herself. I think that went well.

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