Wait… Wonder Woman in armor?

wonderwomanFrom Wonder Woman #209, pencils Drew Johnson, colors Richard Horie

“And between my prayers I made a vow that I would always be aware of my strength. And that of my opponents, my friends, and my victims…” —Wonder Woman

This image threw me a bit when I discovered it on Tumblr a while back. I don’t follow Wonder Woman all that close, but I’ve often (perhaps ignorantly) associated her with the standard ‘swimsuit superheroine’ found all throughout action comics. I’ve occasionally seen fan art of her in armor, but this is the first image from the comic that I’d seen of our Diana in any kind of armor. A quick Google search was all it took to discover that this isn’t as uncommon an occurrence as I’d thought.

One of the key things that I’ve always rather respected about Diana’s character is that she isn’t out to prove herself to anyone, let alone to herself. She has a solid enough estimation of her own capabilities as well as her foes’ that she doesn’t have to go out of her way to show that she’s the strongest, toughest, or smartest. There is little I respect more in a heroine.

wonderwoman2I think the main thing that struck me about this armor is the thematic appropriateness, and, as an Amazon, it’s only fitting that she bear a Greco/Roman-styled armor and weapons. Made more so by the fact that she’s gearing up to fight the Medusa in this comic.

Diana’s cuirass appears to be a stylized Greek breastplate; though I’m not sure of what material it’s made from, it should suitably protect her vitals while offering reasonable flexibility at the waist. Her waist, hips, and upper legs are protected by a skirt of leather strips for improved flexibility, while her lower legs are protected by calf-length grieves. Her bracers look like the bullet-proof set she typically wears. And her helm is a stylized Greco/Roman helm, complete with the crested, horse-hair plume. Knowing her enemy, Diana also saw fit to carry a scarf to protect her eyes from Medusa’s deadly gaze.

I like her weaponry as well. Her spear resembles a Greek dory, albeit shorter and missing the bronze spike on the butt end. Her sword could be any number of varieties of short sword, though I’m inclined to guess a Greek xiphos. The knife strapped to her calf looks like a Roman pugio. Her axe is similarly impressive, if not entirely thematically appropriate.

As there’s no way to know what materials her armor and arms are made from, it’s difficult to know for certain just how effective each piece will be against the claws and thick hide of Medusa. Though given that she has Hephaestus as her armorer, I suspect they’ll be more than sufficient.

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