Thoughts and feedback?

Hi, folks! I thought I’d take a minute to ask for comments and feedback from readers, as far as the blog as a whole. While these analyses have been fun to write and I enjoy browsing DeviantArt and various image galleries for artwork depicting smartly dressed heroines, I’d like to get an idea of how the blog and the premise behind it are working for everyone. Admittedly, I’m something of a noob still as far as the blogging medium goes, so I appreciate any feedback!

What’s working for everyone? What’s not working? In my armor discussions, for example, would it help to use armor terminology? I mean, I know what a bevor, couter, and tuille are, but I worry that overusing these technical terms could turn off readers who aren’t as familiar with the vocabulary. Have I erred with this assumption?

Do the game armor analyses work? My post on Dragon Age: Origins gets the most hits each week, but only has a couple ‘likes.’ I kind of like writing these, but if they’re not working for everyone, I’m open to feedback on how to improve them.

Did my sartorially smart villainess help? These are harder to find than heroines, but if readers find them useful, I’m happy to continue incorporating more like her.

Would it help to do as a friend of mine suggested and offer counterexamples? As in, would it work to occasionally showcase adventuring outfits that try to pass themselves off as sensible or historically accurate attire, but in truth are contributing to the problem?

Once again, thanks for reading. Any thoughts and feedback are much appreciated!

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4 Responses to Thoughts and feedback?

  1. herdthinner says:

    I’m liking this blog, but if it’s as new as you say it is, have patience and let the readers build. Plug it on Facebook or wherever else you frequent. I was brought here by the Violetta “analysis” and stuck around. You caught me at some rare downtime that enables me to comment, or I’d be replying more to other posts. But I do try to “like” at the very least!

    If you use the more technical terms for armor, it would help to provide a glossary for them. Then folks like me would learn the terms as we go along.

  2. Hi, Thinner! Thanks for the feedback. The blog is indeed new, I started it July 12, though I’ve not been blogging very long, so I feel like I’ve still got a lot to learn about the medium. So I appreciate any and all feedback and advice. And I appreciate your “likes,” thanks.

    Including a glossary is actually kind of an interesting idea. It might be tricky, however, since a lot of armor and adventuring items have multiple names, and some definitions vary depending on region and time period. A better idea might be to find existing glossaries and diagrams and provide links to these…

  3. tiquatue says:

    I also came here via the Violetta post (it turned up under “Girl Genius” in my tumblr feed) and have commented there. I enjoy your analysis of different armor systems and what makes or breaks them for you. As a budding fantasy author, I want my women to wear armor that is going to actually protect them and not just look the part. So this blog is very informative!

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