Rebel Scout, by Tony Foti


Rebel Scout by Tony Foti

“The path of least resistance is always mined.” —Rebel Alliance Pathfinder axiom

This Rebel Alliance Advance Recon Commando is from a role-playing game called Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, by Fantasy Flight Games. For a lot of reasons, I think she’s my favorite character from Tony Foti’s image gallery. On a personal level I like that she looks kind of like an awesome friend of mine—a friend who would probably wear this outfit if she owned it. And I’ll be honest, while Jedi and lightsabers are pretty cool, I’ve always related most closely to the common soldiers in Star Wars. The battles involving Rebel defenders in the trenches at Hoth and the guerrilla fighters on Endor were far more interesting to me than love triangles, Light versus Darkness, and Luke’s various attitude adjustments.

scout2First off, I like this gal’s camouflage jacket and fatigues. The coloration is effective, and I like the gradual change between colors—the faded greens, olives, and tans help our clever scout match the foliage she’s stalking through and may well have been dyed specifically to match the vegetation of whatever planet she’s on. The jacket looks lightweight and fits loosely for freedom of movement. The lack of bulkiness rules out the possibility that it’s covering any manner of body armor, thus identifying our scout3heroine as a support soldier, rather than mainline infantry. The helmet is camouflaged as well, and offers decent protection from shrapnel and minor protection from blaster fire.

The macro-binoculars in her right hand are the main item identifying our heroine as a scout. These allow her safe distance when keeping tabs on Imperial garrisons, shadowing AT-AT task groups, or spotting for Alliance commando units. Assuming it’s all standard-issue, our heroine’s backpack also tells us a lot about her mission. First off, it contains a long-range comlink for reporting Imperial troop movement or calling in scout4airstrikes on strategic targets. Secondly it contains a low-feedback scanner for detecting enemy scouts and hidden emplacements. And lastly it likely includes a sensor-scrambling unit to keep our scout hidden from enemy scanners.

There are a few details, however, suggesting reconnaissance isn’t this lass’s only mission. The BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle tied to her backpack isn’t standard-issue for Alliance soldiers—which indicates she must have taken it from a Stormtrooper patrol. But an even more hardcore trophy is the Imperial lieutenant’s insignia tacked to her pack’s flap, particularly considering that Imp army officers tend never to leave their bases or armored command vehicles if they don’t have to. You go, girl.

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